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Suicide rates rise among U.S. troops in Iraq

2005 saw the number of suicides by soldiers deployed to Iraq nearly double to 22, from 12 in 2004. USA Today reporter on the story Dec. 19, quoting Vanderbilt psychiatrist Paul Ragan. Go to USA Today for the full story.


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Don’t eat the mistletoe

The Tennessee Poison Control Center is doing its part to make sure your holidays are nice, not naughty, with information about how to safely enjoy holiday greenery and decorations. Get the goods from the Vanderbilt Register.

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Journalists invited to VU to learn about meth and its impact on kids

Vanderbilt University is hosting a media fellowship April 24-27 for a limited number of journalists to come to campus and learn about methamphetaimine and its impacts on kids, families and the foster care system. Learn more and apply here.

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Give kids the gift of health this holiday season

From Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital:

‘Catch the holiday spirit, not the flu’ is the mantra for this week from the American Academy of Pediatrics as flu season begins in Middle Tennessee. Many children remain unvaccinated, although pediatricians’ offices now have flu vaccine on hand.

“Many people tried to get their children vaccinated in October, but because of a delay, flu vaccine (FluZone, approved for children ages 3 and younger) wasn’t available,” said Paul Hain, director of the Hospitalist Program at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. “But the vaccine began arriving in the last couple of weeks, so parents need to get their children 6 months and older vaccinated now,” he said, adding that flu cases have begun to appear at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and elsewhere in Nashville.

There is still adequate time for protection from the flu, he said. “Many parents think it takes a full two weeks for a flu shot to take effect. But the truth is, it is likely that some protection will begin developing within about 36 hours and grow from there,” he said.

Clinics at Vanderbilt Children’s, and the hospital’s Emergency Department, are filling up quickly with children suffering seasonal viruses, including the flu. Doctors urge parents to get to their pediatrician’s office, pharmacy-based clinics, or to check with their local health department to obtain pediatric flu vaccine for their children.

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Understanding Jesus

Amy Jill Levine’s, a Jewish expert on Jesus and the New Testament, new book, “The Misunderstood Jew,” offers insight this holiday season on the misperceptions both Christians and Jews have about Jesus’ Jewish heritage and the damage this misunderstanding has done to relations among multiple faiths. Read all about it at VUCast.

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What makes the very brightest students tick?

New research from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College offers insight into what goes into creating the top intellects in our society: cognitive ability, educational opportunities and plain hard work. The research is the result of 35-years of study of mathematically precocious youth. The study is slated to last for 50 years. Read the full story at VUCast.

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New treatment option for lung cancer

The deputy director of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center has authored a study showing that the drug Avastin helps prolong survival in lung cancer patients. Read more at VUCast.

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