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Tricking mosquitos

New research from Vanderbilt brings us one step closer to reducing the threat of what’s considered the most prevalent life-threatening disease in the world – malaria. Biological sciences star researcher Larry Zwiebel and his team have honed in on special receptors they believe mosquitos use to smell and find their victims, in other words, us. Disrupting these receptors might help pull the wool over their “eyes.” Read more on Exploration.


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Welcome back!

Classes start today and we enter another academic year at Vanderbilt University. I was hoping to wax poetic today about loving the ebb and flow of activity at a university, the different seasons each marked with their own joys and challenges, the excitement that comes to campus as the students return and the new freshmen arrive to embark on this momentous phase in their life journey… but the truth is, I’ve been so busy getting ready for the start of the school year that I haven’t had time to get all poetically minded. Luckily, the kids at InsideVandy aren’t tired, what with their youthful enthusiasm and all, and have marked the occasion of the new school year with a redesign of their fab site. Take a look.

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New VUCast video

Our talented team has produced the second VUCast newscast, reporting on the new portal markets, the heat wave, employee celebration, new MS research and a bit more. There’s even a cameo appearance by this blogger. Take a gander.

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When is a viral “infection” a good thing?

When it happens to one of your videos on YouTube. Views of our bionic arm video have been going through the roof this week, up from a couple hundred last week to 6,300 today. The story on Exploration has been viewed over 23,000 times this week. Join the party.

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Rockets! Bionics! Revolution!

I could not resist the chance to use three of my favorite words in a headline – how often does that happen? Vanderbilt engineer Michael Goldfarb’s research has resulted in something that involves all three – a prosethetic arm powered with a miniature rocket motor that is the closest thing yet to a real bionic arm and stands to revolutionize design and function of prosethetic limbs. Existing prosethetics are powered by batteries. Get the full story on Exploration.

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Rankings are in

USNWR released their best colleges report today – minor jostling amongst the usual suspects. We’re No. 19 this year, and The Commons, our new first-year experience set to launch in 08-09, was named a “Program to Look For.” I’ll say – I had a chance to visit and nosh at The Commons’ super deluxe new dining and activity center yesterday and longed to be a freshman all over again, just to have a valid reason to hang out there, eating the fabulous ribs and baked mac and cheese, playing pool and ogling the gorgeous, modern fireplaces. But I digress – here are the rankings.

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Vandy video cast

Check out a most excellent, fun and exciting new video feature on VUCast – our very own newscast. Anchored by the lovely and talented Amy Wolf, produced by the also lovely and talented Emily Pearce and the (okay, maybe handsome instead of lovely) Patrick Slattery. We hope to be producing these on at the very least a weekly basis this year, so stay tuned! Take a look.

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