Google Search Appliance comes to Vanderbilt

What’s that shiny yellow box brightening up our data center?

Google Search Appliance

It’s Vanderbilt’s new Google Search Appliance, huzzah! It arrived June 8 and is currently being poked, prodded, tweaked, configured and all other manner of things to prepare it to serve as the new search engine for the university and Medical Center Web presence.

What can these shiny new boxes do?

  • Index up to 10 million documents
  • Personalization of searches tailored for VU and VMC
  • Advanced reporting
  • Subscription feature for alerts for topics and documents of interest
  • Spellchecker in a bunch of languages
  • Google quality and ranking
  • Integration with existing security and access-control systems
  • Customization for campus clients: search of Intranets, servers, portals, file shares, databases, content management systems and real-time data in business applications
  • Did I already say 10 million docs in one box?

These features are just the tip of the iceberg, and though really exciting to a handful of us, the end result for the millions of people who use our Web site should be faster searching with better results.

A big thank you to ITS and Public Affairs for making this happen. More details to come post-launch hopefully in the next month or so.


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