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Vandy students unplug

Students in a management and sociology class will be unplugging this week. Professor Bruce Barry is challenging his students to go media free for 24 hours. Students will learn how technology affects their lives by living without it. Get more info at VUCast.


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Junior high kids get a taste of college

On March 3-4 teens can visit Vanderbilt for a special weekend experience. Talented 7th through 10th graders will get a chance to explore different academic fields and experience a little bit of college life. The weekend academy offers special courses with Vanderbilt faculty designed to engage young people. Read more at VUCast.

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Vandy researchers work on bio-weapons sensors

Vanderbilt researchers have joined forces with other scientists across the nation to develop new ways to control proteins. These controllable proteins could be the building blocks of more advanced detection systems for chemical and biological weapons. Read more at VUCast.

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Is salary related to skin color?

Joni Hersch, a Vanderbilt professor of law and economics, found that legal immigrants in the U.S. with a lighter skin tone made more money than those with darker skin. Hersch also found that taller immigrants earn more. Read more at InsideVandy.

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Civil rights pioneers lead Freedom Ride commemoration

This weekend Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff will retrace the 1961 Freedom Rides with some of the original Freedom Riders. Some of the participants include Diane Nash, Bernard Lafayette, the Rev. C.T. Vivian, Jim Zwerg, John Seigenthaler and the Rev. James Lawson. Get more info and watch a short video at VUCast.

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Vanderbilt student appears on Jeopardy

Vanderbilt senior Jeremy Walker will appear on the TV show Jeopardy tonight. Walker is a pre-med student majoring in history and biology. He was excited to appear on the show, but couldn’t prep as much as he wanted to. The show was filmed November 14 and 15, but will air tonight at 6 p.m. on UPN.

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Vanderbilt Theatre takes part in national festival

Vanderbilt University has been selected to take part in Pulitzer-Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 National Festival. This year-long event will feature one of Parks’ works being performed every day at locations around the country. Vanderbilt will present one play daily during the week of January 22. Check out InsideVandy for more info.

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