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VUStar reaches 50 million people in July

Vanderbilt experts reached almost 50 million people in July using Vanderbilt’s 24/7 campus broadcast facility, VUStar. Our experts did 13 interviews with ABC Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, NBC News Channel, ABC World News Weekend and CNN HLN. Williams Schaffner, the go-to guy for infectious diseases, did six of those interviews on the H1N1 virus.

Great work VUStar, team.


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No college fair too far – VU recruiting efforts in Iraq paying off

Vanderbilt’s efforts to find the globe’s best students, including those in Iraq, was highlighted this week in USA Today and by other news outlets worldwide.

The Iraqi government is launching a new scholarship program to send 10,000 Iraqi students to the U.S., the U.K., Canada and Australia over the next five years. Vanderbilt was one of the schools highlighted in the article, largely because of it was one of the few American universities who answered a call from the Iraqi government to help them rebuild their higher education system earlier this year.

As previously reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Vanderbilt was one 24 American universities (of 250 who were invited) to accept Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s invitation to participate in college recruiting fairs and an evaluation of Iraq’s higher education system in January 2009. The Chronicle reported that the effort, undertaken in partnership with the Academy of Educational Development, was al-Maliki’s first step to rebuild Iraq’s higher education system.

The January trip was part of Vanderbilt’s many efforts to increase the percentage of international students on campus to 7 to 8 percent.

Vanderbilit political scientist Katherine Blue Carroll was one of the experts involved in the initial efforts in Iraq. As reported by the Chronicle:

“I know from experience how hard the American army has worked over here to try to improve the lives of Iraqis, but their days here are now drawing to a close,” said Katherine Blue Carroll, a political scientist from Vanderbilt University, in a telephone interview from Baghdad. “Someone needs to step up to the plate next, and I think American universities should lead the way.”

“The students I met feel like they’ve fallen way behind and are dying to learn and to be part of the world,” she said.

Carroll was embedded in a U.S. combat unit in Iraq an attempt to help military officials make better decisions on the ground by sharing their expertise on local customs and cultures.

According to the recent AED press release,

“In the first phase of the Initiative, Iraq’s Higher Committee for Educational Development will award scholarships to high-achieving Iraqi high school students who have taken required college admission tests. Students will be allowed to study nearly all majors and seek all degrees, including some PhDs. Iraqi students will be especially encouraged to study engineering, education, information technology, business, law and medicine. All scholarship recipients will be expected to return to Iraq after they complete their overseas programs.”

University officials have no firm details at this time on how many Iraqi students will be joining us in Nashville, but expect to have more information this fall. The Iraqi students will go through the same application process as all other potential students.

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Chancellor Zeppos to discuss state of Vanderbilt on NPT Friday, June 19

From myVU:

Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos recently sat down with Nashville’s renowned editor and First Amendment advocate, John Seigenthaler, to record an episode of “One on One” for Nashville Public Television.

In the show scheduled to be broadcast on NPT at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, June 19, the two will discuss Vanderbilt’s future, the state of higher education and the effect of the current economy on the university.

Contact: myVU,

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VU cleans up at CASE

Guest post from Philip Tucker, Vanderbilt Development and Alumni Relations Communications, from the CASE III conference in Atlanta Feb. 10. Congratulations, everyone!

It was a fantastic night of recognition for Vanderbilt’s communications teams at the CASE Region III Conference Awards Banquet in Atlanta tonight! All together, Vanderbilt took home 16 awards, including four awards recognizing the very best in their respective categories. I’m pleased to share with you these great results.

CASE presents three levels of awards: the Grand Award (the top honor; only one is awarded in each category); the Award of Excellence (up to four awarded in each category); and the Special Merit Award (up to five awarded in each category). Dozens of colleges and universities across Region III competed in 48 categories for these prizes. The prizes awarded to Vanderbilt are below, with the department that created each winning entry.

Vanderbilt came away with four Grand Awards:

1) Vanderbilt Magazine/DAR Communications & VU Creative Services (Alumni Magazines II category)
2) Arts and Science Magazine/DAR Communications & VU Creative Services (Magazine Publishing Improvement category)
3) .Commodore E-News/DAR Communications (Electronic Newsletters and Tabloids category)
4) “We Are All Connected,” annual report of the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital/Med Center News & Public Affairs (Annual Reports I category)

Awards of Excellence:

1) “Stolen” photograph by John Russell for Vanderbilt Magazine/DAR Communications & VU Creative Services (Photography category)
2) Vanderbilt News Service/VU News & Public Affairs (Internal Communications Programs category)
3) Vanderbilt View/VU News & Public Affairs (Internal Tabloids and Newsletters category)
4) Vanderbilt Medicine/Med Center News & Public Affairs (Alumni Magazines I category)
5) Momentum/Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center/Med Center Communications (Other Magazines category)
6) “That’s Vanderbilt”/VU News Service (Radio Programs and Announcements category)

Special Merit Awards:

1) Vanderbilt Business Magazine/DAR Communications & VU Creative Services (Alumni Magazines I category)
2) The Peabody Reflector Magazine/DAR Communications & VU Creative Services (Alumni Magazines I category)
3) “First Impressions” photo essay for Vanderbilt Magazine article about The Commons/DAR Communications & VU Creative Services (Photo Essay and Series category)
4) Vanderbilt Magazine Online/DAR Communications (Overall Web Site Design and Implementation category)
5) Arts and Science Magazine Online/DAR Communications (World Wide Web Home Page Design and Implementation category)
6) Momentum/Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center/Med Center Communications (Design for Print category)

I was so very pleased to represent Vanderbilt at the awards presentation tonight, and I could not have been prouder of the tremendous work these recognitions represent for us all. Our communications staffs university-wide are among the best in the nation, and I offer my congratulations to each of you who works so hard to support the mission of this great university.

Phillip B. Tucker
Development and Alumni Relations Communications

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Update on the university’s economic condition

Chancellor Zeppos e-mailed the Vanderbilt community today with this message about the economy and its current impact on the university.

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Inauguration viewing party at the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center

As captured by Steve Green:

Inaugural viewing party at Vanderbilt University's Black Cultural Center

Inaugural viewing party at Vanderbilt University's Black Cultural Center

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Here at BlogVU we’re completely engrossed in today’s events in Washington as the nation prepares to inaugurate Barack Obama as the nation’s 44th and its first African American president. Nothing speaks to the strength of our our democracy more than this event–the peaceful transition of power.

Viewing parties are taking place all over campus, and a candlelight vigil and celebration are planned for this afternoon, as well as a panel discussion tomorrow. More information about campus events, including live video of events today and tomorrow, are available on VUCast.

Some of the news coverage of the inauguration with Vandy experts below:

The Mail (U.K.): Barack Obama to draw on JFK’s famous ‘ask not’ speech for his own inauguration address.

Barack Obama will take a leaf out of John F. Kennedy’s book in his inaugural speech to urge a new era of “responsibility and accountability.”

Thomas Schwartz, professor of history, is quoted. Professor Schwartz also comments on Obama’s address in Time: Will Obama’s inaugural address be one for the ages? A Reuters article from yesterday, also quoting Professor Schwartz on the subject of Obama’s address, has been picked up in both the French- and Spanish-language presses: Les Américains attendent le discours inaugural de Barack Obama and Obama enfrenta grandes retos en discurso inaugural.

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