Here at BlogVU we’re completely engrossed in today’s events in Washington as the nation prepares to inaugurate Barack Obama as the nation’s 44th and its first African American president. Nothing speaks to the strength of our our democracy more than this event–the peaceful transition of power.

Viewing parties are taking place all over campus, and a candlelight vigil and celebration are planned for this afternoon, as well as a panel discussion tomorrow. More information about campus events, including live video of events today and tomorrow, are available on VUCast.

Some of the news coverage of the inauguration with Vandy experts below:

The Mail (U.K.): Barack Obama to draw on JFK’s famous ‘ask not’ speech for his own inauguration address.

Barack Obama will take a leaf out of John F. Kennedy’s book in his inaugural speech to urge a new era of “responsibility and accountability.”

Thomas Schwartz, professor of history, is quoted. Professor Schwartz also comments on Obama’s address in Time: Will Obama’s inaugural address be one for the ages? A Reuters article from yesterday, also quoting Professor Schwartz on the subject of Obama’s address, has been picked up in both the French- and Spanish-language presses: Les Américains attendent le discours inaugural de Barack Obama and Obama enfrenta grandes retos en discurso inaugural.


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