VUStar round up for 2008

A summary below of the past year’s activities in VUStar, our on-campus television studio housed in the Wyatt Center. Great work Emily, Pat, Craig, Brian and all of our fantastic faculty for making this happen and spreading the black-and-gold word. Report below from video director Emily Pearce:

Almost 200 million people watched Vanderbilt experts on networks, cable networks and major dot com internet sites thanks to VUStar. This is a very conservative estimate. We do not have access to numbers for the numerous interviews we do for, Reuters TV and the athletics video feeds to name a few. Also the and Reuters TV interviews pop up on major internet video surfing sites.
107 TV interviews were conducted using VUStar; 56 were Universtiy/Athletics; 51 were Medical.  (complete listing attached) In 2007 we did 150 reaching about 165 million.

Of the 51 medical, 12 were Dr. William Schaffner and 7 were Dr. Paul Ragan
The vast majority of the university interviews were political since it was a presidential election year. But, Law, Divnity, Owen, Athletics and Peabody were represented, as well.

21 radio interviews were conducted using the ISDN line at VUStar. 19 were university; 2 medical. (complete list attached) In 2007, that number was 22.


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