I heart VMC

One of the benefits of working at Vanderbilt is being able to walk across campus to our world-class medical center when it’s time for a doctor visit. I had to go for some routine checkups and tests last week, which took me to different parts of the hospital and clinics.

I expected my temperature to be checked, but came away with my heart warmed. In the walk through the corridors I saw two nurses in different areas hugging patients goodbye and calling after them, “Be sure to call us if you need anything!” I was seen pretty much right on time in each of my appointments, and every person with whom I interacted–from the person checking me in, to the nurses, to my doc–was kind, helpful and professional. My doctor spent plenty of time talking with me, shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye and said as I was leaving, “Call me anytime. We’re always here for you.”

I know I work in public relations so I’m sure there are those out there who will take all of this with a grain of salt. But I’m writing today as a patient, not a flack. I saw no trace of the fabled nameless, faceless health care system we read about in the papers so often in my visit last week, and in fact never have in my years of visiting Vanderbilt Medical Center facilities. What I saw was that “Hearts and Minds” is much more than just a slogan to these professionals. Thank you, VMC, for all you do for your patients and their families.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear you were treated well, from soup to nuts, at VMC. That’s my experience too.

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