It’s so good to be gold

Guest post from the News Service’s own Emily Pearce:

I felt it on move-in day as first-year students literally brought The Commons to life and again during the Auburn football game. It’s that tingling feeling I get when I know I’m watching history. Something significant–a force. This was so much more than a football game folks.Last night as the clock ticked down to the final seconds, Vanderbilt was a unified community of hope and heart.  In a time of greed and athletic programs that believe in winning at all costs, there’s Vanderbilt. Thank you Coach Bobby Johnson. Thank you David Williams. Thanks to each football player that never gave up and left it all on the field last night. Thanks to thousands of die-hard Vandy fans who knew one day they too would watch history. It’s gives a person hope to see the ‘good guys’ finish first–not because they won a football game. But, because they took a journey down the ‘right’ road and along the way  hit the 5-0 mark for the first time in 65 years. Now, if that doesn’t make you tingle, nothing will.
(Photographer/Editor Pat Slattery and I hope to have the video of this magic moment posted on Vandy’s homepage in the next few days. In keeping with the Vandy spirit, we will take the time to do it right.)

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