VUStars in my eyes

The VUStar studio in action

The VUStar studio in action

Have we talked about VUStar here? It’s our on-campus studio, housed in the basement of the Wyatt Center. Looks like an office. Is actually a TV studio with a satellite uplink that can be used 24-7 to talk live or on tape to the TV people. Also has an ISDN line for high-quality radio interviews. Wildly successful, thanks primarily to our Emmy-award winning Associate Director for Video, Emily Pearce.

Don’t believe me? Then I’ll let the numbers do the talking – in July alone, over 14 million television viewers watched or listened to Vanderbilt experts thanks to VUStar. And this, Ms. VUStar tells me, wasn’t even a particularly good month. Looks pretty darn good to me. Wrap up below.

July 1, 2008—ABC World News interviewed Ban Mishu Allos, assistant professor of preventive medicine, on the increasing number of salmonella cases and whether tainted tomatoes are the real culprit. Viewers: 7.31 million

July 2, 2008—ABC Good Morning America interviewed David Carbone, professor of cancer biology, on a New England Journal of Medicine study about a blood test that can detect cancer cells. Viewers: 3.92 million

July 3, 2008—CNN Larry King Live interviewed Paul Ragan, associate professor of psychiatry, on the American hostages that were freed in Columbia after years of captivity. Viewers: 906,000

July 19, 2008—CNN interviewed Paul Ragan, associate professor of psychiatry, live on the recent North Carolina murders involving soldiers as suspects. Viewers: 750,000

July 21, 2008— Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) interviewed Mike Newton, professor of the practice of law, live on the beginning of the first American war crime trial of a detainee at Guantanamo Bay. Viewers: 1 million

July 25, 2008—MSNBC, interviewed Harold Ford Jr. live on the election and Obama’s trip to Germany. Viewers: 291,000


July 15, 2008—WPLN, Nashville Public Radio interviewed Bruce Oppenheimer, professor of political science, about Tennessee’s Seventh District GOP congressional primary battle between incumbent Marsha Blackburn and challenger Tom Leatherwood.

July 16, 2008—BBC interviewed Mike Newton, professor of the practice of law, on his book Enemy of the State, a behind the scenes look at the Hussein trial.

July 31, 2008—NPR’s Talk of the Nation interviewed Distinguished Professor of Political Science John Geer about the increase in negative ads in the presidential campaign including John McCain’s “celebrity” ad.


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