Geer on Huffington, and the importance of bananas

Vandy poli sci expert John Geer stays super busy during election season, teaching, researching and talking with the media. Today he’s quoted on the Huffington Post about the McCain campaign’s use of attack ads, in the eye-catchingtly headlined item “John McCain: Mr.  Nice Guy or Back Alley Mugger?”

“John G. Geer is a Vanderbilt political scientist who believes negative ads can be very informative and are often criticized too harshly, but that they can fail to deliver if not based on charges that have the ring of truth and that stick: ‘McCain has always been willing to attack, as he did in 2000 or 2008 against Romney in Florida. . . . but [now] the attacks may backfire because they are not credible. The ‘troop’ ad is technically true, but it is not a very effective ad. McCain is acting like any candidate who is behind: looking for some issue that gets you traction. He just does not have much to go on. McCain needs Obama to make a big mistake.'”

In other, completely unrelated yet still very interesting news, Vandy docs have found that eating bananas is good for your heart, or more specifically, that potassium can help stave off high blood pressure and help those already suffering from hypertension. Read the Reuters coverage of the findings here.


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