“Anything, anytime, anywhere, any device”

That describes our collective expectation when it comes to digital content and services, said Matthew Jett Hall, assistant vice chancellor for information technology services and associate chief information architect for enterprise infrastructure, in a great presentation to the Vanderbilt Webspiders Friday June 27. Matt talked about how the explosion of social media sites and tools have drastically changed not only our use but our expectations of the internet, as well as what all this means for us as a university.

See Matt’s slides here.

See his presentation on “Forces and Pressures of Network Computing” here.

And, for fun, see podcasts that students in a class Matt taught this year on 2.0 produced about a Wired article about Apple here.

Sidebar–He also discussed some of the history of networking – dating back to the Cold War. With my brain primed with imagines of Russian submarines and nascent satellite tracking systems, imagine my delight when I flipped on the t.v. that evening and stumbled upon that oft-overlooked cinematic gem War Games. (Raise your hand if you saw this one in the theater). Oh. my. gosh. I had not seen it in years. If you are at all interested in technology take another look at this movie next time it’s on. Sure to delight, even if you don’t suffer from 80s nostalgia like me.


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