You know how you can be well aware of a momentous change, but it doesn’t really sink in until something relatively minor comes along to remind you? That happened today, when I saw Mike Schoenfeld’s name missing from our news release distribution list. And our divisional phone list. Just like that – no more Mike.

I won’t wax on about Mike’s contributions to the university, to Nashville, to higher education in general. Others already have and will continue to do so more eloquently than I.

But what I can say is this: Mike was a great boss. He pushed us to achieve more than we really thought we could, and then convinced us it was all our idea in the first place. He opened new doors and guided us through them, confident that we’d step in the right place. When things were stormy he kept his cool and took the heat; when they were sunny, he let us soak up the rays. He was always accessible, always insightful and always ready with a pithy quote.

We will miss you Mike. Best of luck at that school to the east.


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