Remembering RFK

The coolest Vanderbilt event happening today isn’t on campus but in D.C. Lessons learned from Robert F. Kennedy’s run for the White House in 1968, and his overall career, are the topic of a forum at the Newseum co-hosted by Vanderbilt underway right now (go to C-SPAN to watch).

The forum, “To Seek a Newer World: The Life and Legacy of Robert F. Kennedy” is being hosted by The Freedom Forum, Vanderbilt, and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, and includes remarks and discussion by Kennedy’s eldest daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Kennedy associates Frank Mankiewicz, Peter Edelman, John Seigenthaler, John Nolan, John Doar, William vanden Heuvel and James Tolan as well as authors Jules Witcover and Thurston Clarke and others. Television news anchor John Seigenthaler is moderating the discussions.

The event was the brainchild of Mark Dalhouse, director of Vanderbilt’s Office of Active Citizenship and Service, and was pulled off with the help of the News Service’s own fearless leader Elizabeth Latt, Chris Skinker and the Creative Services team.

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