Accounting for success

The big question for new graduates departing our sunny shores, so to speak, last weekend was, what’s next? Or, did you get a job? Turns out 100 percent – every single student – in the Owen Graduate School of Management’s Masters of Accountancy program left Vanderbilt employed.  That’s right, one hundred percent found jobs before graduating. You don’t need to be an accountant to know those numbers definitely add up.


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  1. Seb

    Well, that is great news for them! That sounds like high supply and low demand. Over here in the UK, that would be explained by three factors:

    1) There are a LOT of accountancy jobs out there.
    Accountancy is the largest sector by graduate intake, accounting (excuse the play on words) for 23% of all graduate intake in 2008.

    2) There is relatively low demand, with only 6% of Oxford and Cambridge students wanting to go into accountancy.

    3) There are only 18 applicants per graduate accountancy job (on of the lowest figures). If this sounds high … it isn’t. There are 112 applicants per place for FMCG jobs!

    This report describes in more detail the jobs that Oxford and Cambridge students want to go into:

    (that’s the page with the accountancy sector data)

    The other data comes from the Association of Graduate Recruiters summer survey 2008.

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