World’s best troublemaker, Geldof, urges revolution

Bob Geldof delivered a fantastic Senior Day speech at Vanderbilt today – hitting all the right notes of humor, empathy and calls to action. Remarkable once again to be on this campus and hear from someone who is knee deep in global politics sharing his views and urging us to join him in addressing the most important issues facing humankind.

Photos by Steve Green below.
My Twitter tweets about it here.

Memorable quotes:

On revolution: “The American revolution isn’t over – it continues and it must continue. Like it or not, you are the new revolutionaries.”

On changing the world:Be unreasonable – demand stuff of the world and if they don’t do it change the world to suit those demands.”

On letting graduating seniors know it’s time to grow up: “The point is today its (being children) over for you.”

On democracy:Our version of freedom is just one among many.”

On our moral imperative to fight poverty: “To die of want in a world of surplus is not only intellectually absurd it’s morally repulsive.”

On college: “I mainly didn’t go to college because I thought you had to wear one of those bloody awful Simon and Garfunkel scarves.”

On what first piqued his interest in Africa:Frankly as it was the early 60s and Catholic Ireland, there was no chance of ever sleeping with a girl… so luckily there was National Geographic. I fell in love with these women.”

On rock and roll:Over this crackly radio came the seductive whisperings of other worlds, universes of possibilities, things that could happen in your life.”

Bob Geldof accepts Nichols Medal

Bob Geldof addresses Senior Day audience

Bob Geldof


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