More from the Center for Innovation in College Media workshop

Another guest post, this one from David Salisbury, editor of Exploration, Vanderbilt’s groovy online research magazine.

Over spring break more than 100 college journalists from 40 different
universities came to campus for a workshop on new media put on by the Center
for Innovation in College Media workshop. It was a hands-on workshop and the
attendees produced 35 media packages that are published on the web. Page
Clancy from CICM got in touch with me ahead of time to ask for suggestions
of science stories for the student teams. As a result, the participants did
several science stories along with stories on subjects such as panhandling,
tatooing and body piecing, the Parthenon and Bongo Java. If you are
interested you can watch them at:

* Naked Mole Rat research at VU (also: Ethiopian Immigrants)

* Vanderbilt Greenhouse

* Research with Cockroaches

* VU Research with Zebrafish

* VU Research with Mosquitos to Prevent Malaria


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