Whose tube? OUR Tube!

I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago that we had a new presence on YouTube, but now I am mentioning it more loudly – VANDERBILT HAS A BRANDED CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE.

Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. Guess I’m a little excited. We officially launched the channel yesterday and by the end of today will have over 50 videos in there – not of cats doing tricks or people wrecking on skateboards or talking about shoes – but intellectually inspriring and challenging content from across the university. Full lectures, concerts, news and more.

And people are watching! Watching things you might not think YouTubers would watch, like a lecture on math and science, which has been viewed over 300 times in the past two weeks. The hot video right now is an Insider’s Guide to Admissions featuring our Admissions Dean Doug Christiansen, embedded below. We’re also posting the entire Holocaust Lecture Series, and have video from current Vanderbilt courses. Check it all out.


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