Cockroaches: they’re not morning “people”

Before I go any further let me say the fact that I am even writing this is evidence of my dedication to share the latest and greatest Vanderbilt news with you, dear readers, regardless of the great personal toll it may take on me. Because even writing about cockroaches gives me the shivers. And to write about them, I had to first read about them. Which meant I had to think about them. Color me creeped out. But I digress, again.

So, yes, cockroaches. Turns out the little devils are completely brain dead in the morning. They only turn on their clever one-day-we-will-rule-the-world ways in the evening. Takes them time to ramp up. That’s what Vanderbilt biological sciences researcher (and all around great guy) Terry Page has discovered. “This is the first example of an insect whose ability to learn is controlled by its biological clock,” says Page, who published his findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science this week. Don’t make me write about this any more, see for yourself on Exploration.


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