Lunch box revealed!

Vanderbilt has an excellent lunch program in place that’s a well-kept secret, if you count gathering 300 strangers together at the Nashville Public Library six or seven times a year to eat lunch and talk philosophy as a secret. But it kind of is–it’s one of those things that those in the know know, you know? Anyway, we kicked off the 2007-2008 Outside of the Lunch Box Series on Wednesday with Tracy Sharpley Whiting, professor of African American and diaspora studies, professor of French and director of the African American and Diaspora Studies program, discussing, “From Imus to Industry: How Mass Media, Public Culture and Payola Profit from Women.” The Lunch Box events are free and open to the public–RSVP required. To learn more visit the Web site. Thanks to our friends at ITS, we’re able to offer streaming video of the event. Watch it with RealPlayer or Windows Media.


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