We might not have an iPhone yet, but we do have iTunes U

So I know the news of the day is the release of the iPhone, the IPHONE! But the news here at my desk is the very, very quiet… listen closely and you might hear it… oh so soft launch of Vanderbilt on iTunes U.

You might take a look at the page and say to yourself, “This? This is what you’ve been talking about for the past year?”

Yes. The beginning of it at least. What you won’t see is that 24 classes are in there already. That means students in those 24 classes will be able to download content intended just for them when they log in to OAK. Hopefully that number will explode in the coming year. This guy is going to help faculty get up and running. And that will be pretty exciting.

Also what you won’t see is the labor that went into creating the log-in piece that allows students and professors to access and post protected content while protecting their personal information. It is not built into iTunes U. Vanderbilt had to build it. Turns out we did such a nice job that over 26 universities have knocked on our door this week alone to ask if we’d like to share our building block. Of course we would, because we’re cool like that. Contact this person to find out more. Tip your hat to the good people at ISIS and this guy for making it happen. And a tip of that hat too to Apple for creating iTunes U and giving it away for free to all us.

What you will see is the public content, available to anyone and everyone. I’m grabbing all the Vanderbilt content that’s currently in the iTunes Music Store and on VUCast and throwing it in there (well, maybe not all of it. Since we’ve been podcasting since before that word really existed, we have oodles of podcasts online. To see the full archive go to VUCast). It’s taking a while but we’re getting there.

This is just a preliminary design – we’ll have a new header, a nice splash page and some nifty new icons soon.

What’s that? You want to know why we’re not listed with all the other cool kids under iTunes U in the Apple store? We’re working on it. Hopefully we’ll be there soon.

So with no more ado, I give you, Vanderbilt on iTunes U. Take a look. Send ideas.

See Aug. 7 update to this post


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One response to “We might not have an iPhone yet, but we do have iTunes U

  1. Nicely done! This a great movement forward. Now all I need is to get AT&T to back up a flat bed of iPhones to campus, and we will be all set!

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