Want your kids to get a good education? Join the Army.

Army bases and schools are not two things one usually thinks of in the same sentence. But as Peabody researcher Claire Smrekar reported back in 2001, these schools put the average public school to shame when it comes to student achievement. Achievement gap? What achievement gap? Doesn’t really exist at these schools. Smrekar recently followed up her 2001 research with another DOD-requested study to look a little deeper into the issue and find out what role the school plays in family life, and if that has anything to do with the high achievement and student success. Turns out it has everything to do with it – Smrekar found that contrary to the popular notion of tight-knit military communities, life on the base is often lonely, solitary and in somewhat squalid conditions for enlisted families, with the school being the sole place they receive much-needed support. Read more on VUCast.


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