Tonight, tonight, we must win this game tonight

The Commodores battled in their inimitable way on Sunday to turn around a dangerous 4-3 loss to Michigan Saturday with wins over Austin Peay and Michigan. So it all comes down to tonight, when the ‘Dores will once again face the Michigan Wolverines. 6 p.m. CDT, winner goes to the Super Regional.

Yesterday’s wins showed again that these Commodores are one of those teams which comes along once in a great while that has that indefinable something special. Those of us coming of age in the 80s who had our minds warped by really bad pop music call that indefinable something “The Eye of the Tiger.” Austin Peay Coach Gary McClure summed “it” up a bit more elegantly in today’s Tennessean: “That’s a special team,” Mc Clure said. “We saw they can get beat Saturday, but that doesn’t change my mind about them… There’s something magical about their season. I’ll be surprised if they don’t win this tournament, somehow, some way.”


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