Undergrads get published at Vanderbilt

Everyone knows the Vanderbilt faculty members are high achievers when it comes to publishing research. Faculty members publish countless books and journal articles every year. But now Vanderbilt undergraduates are getting in on the game. The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal is accepting submissions to its third edition. VURJ exclusively publishes independent research by Vanderbilt undergrads. Previous issues have included research articles on Herman Melville, revenue-sharing in the National Hockey League, religious interpretations of Hurricane Katrina, and a new method of airflow analysis.

VURJ accepts submissions from all Vanderbilt undergraduates for consideration, you don’t have to be an upperclassman to participate. VURJ is also looking for smart, dedicated students to participate in VURJ as peer reviewers and leaders on the Editorial Review Board. Graduate and professional students are also eligible for these positions. All students may find applications at http://vurj.vanderbilt.edu.


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  1. Here is the First Commnet 🙂 This blog is pretty cool. Just wanted to say hi!

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